Intuition 2012 collection

« The only link between our dreams and reality is the time we spend making them come true » Kevin OUALLI

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halchimy intuition bleu soldat

Blue intuition

automatic GMT

intuition 2012 green dial

Green Intuition

automatic GMT

halchimy intuition noir soldat

Black intuition

automatic GMT

Intuition collection

The modern Halchimyste, an entrepreneur at heart, travels around the world but also through time…
Maison Halchimy has therefore designed a unique model to accompany him throughout his adventure.

A motorized instrument set to two time zones, so that it is always ahead of its time.

The Intuition HY02 GMT is the ultimate traveler’s watch, with a sleek and elegant design, a modern and uncluttered dial in all its complexity.


A swiss made watch that integrates a case and a bracelelug more in the air of time.
Its silhouette is more refined and accentuates the contrasts between the satin and polished surfaces.

With its discreet elegance and timeless style, the time is expressed in a blue, green and black dial.

Our approach has been to make an intuitive watch with a sophisticated design that offers a timeless elegance with a light and sporty touch.

It is for those who travel around the world but also through time...

To all those globetrotters on the move, who land in different capitals, who are connected and who embody a certain lifestyle, synonymous with excellence.

To make the experience unique, this new watch creation is equipped with a digital passport, represented by an NFT and materialized by a QR code engraved on the back of each piece.

This digital passport has several advantages:
- It certifies that the owner is the sole holder of this valuable object.
- It gives access to the warranty certificate and to the life cycle history of the watch.
- It allows access to Halchimy's events and those of its partners.
- The loyalty points are registered and allow to increase the value of the watch

With this concept, we offer our customers a new and unusual watchmaking experience in a 100% phygital immersive universe. .

The modular bracelug system has been further developed on this new model to transform its design.

The cordura fabric strap, waterproof, solid and breathable, known for its optimal resistance to wear and tear, will accompany the Halchimyste in any weather condition.

Anthracite black coated push buttons on the lugs allow you to recognize the signature of the Maison Halchimy.


NFT stands for “non-fungible tokens” Non-fungible tokens are certificates of authenticity that use blockchain technology to prove the ownership and rarity of digital assets.
It is a system of value (the token) assigned to a virtual or real object with a digital passport, with a unique character that cannot be exchanged (“non-fungible”).

It is a digital copy of a physical product, an identity document containing various information.

In the case of a Halchimy watch, the date and place of creation, the origin of the components, the name of the craftsman, the watchmaker, but also information about the life of the product. Was it repaired, when, by whom? Resold? Worn on a special occasion or on a celebrity, which would increase its value; all in a time-stamped booklet.

This digital passport has several advantages:

-It certifies that the owner is the sole holder of this valuable object
-It provides access to the warranty certificate and the history of the product’s life cycle.

This will allow us to know the whole value chain of the watch: from the production, through the assembly and finally, to the sale on the market, from its first purchaser.

The owner will also be able to consult all the technical interventions that have been carried out. For example, an annual maintenance, a leak test…

Since all this information is unforgeable thanks to blockchain technology, it increases the value of the watch.
Moreover, watch sales professionals have estimated that a watch that is presented with its case and its original papers is worth 20% more than one that does not.

It is possible to increase the value of your watch while taking advantage of a number of services, privileges and exclusivities created by Halchimy.

We have created an exclusive loyalty program that allows you to earn points in several ways, represented at Halchimy by hourglasses:

– Either by purchasing our products: You get 1 hourglass for 10€ of purchase
– Or by subscribing to the Halchimystes club where your hourglasses are automatically generated every month according to the amount of your subscription
– Either by participating in our various events or those of our partners
– And BONUS: you can earn more hourglasses by referring people in your network.

All these hourglasses are registered on the digital passport of the watch, which offers several possibilities to the owner:

– use them to purchase other Halchimy products
– accumulate them to increase your status as a Halchimist within the club and benefit from additional advantages
– to increase the value of its watch on the secondary market