A world first in luxury watchmaking.

Halchimy montre bracelug rouge lune noire
flèches avant/après

A patented technological innovation unique in the world

For the Halchimy be perfect, we imagined a modular system where the curves of the watch transform and adapt to the personality of the wearer.

« Halchimy is a special product. It’s especially the innovation with these interchangeable bracelugs, the look of the watch changes all the time, it was a big technological challenge.

From the point of view of the design of the case, this is something I had not done before. In terms of technicality, design and aesthetics, we have a watch that is totally different. »

Frederic, Production Manager

This technological innovation is the result of several years of research and development aimed at creating the prestige watch to perfect its style and assert its identity.

« Halchimy has succeeded in overturning the codes of watchmaking. »

It is often said that “choosing is giving up”. That’s why we offer you the choice to wear the watch that suits you, every time. We have combined the quality of Swiss manufacturing with French know-how to make the perfect Halchimy

Halchimy - concept - visuel montre

A modular system

Bracelugs’ modular system adds an extra dimension to the interchangeable bracelet by allowing the lugs to be changed as well, (both forming the «bracelug») and thus offering more design possibilities that would contrast with the case.

A sustainable system

In just a few movements, without tools or watchmaking skills of any kind, the Halchimy watch is transformed, pushing back the limits of watchmaking and giving way to a completely new watch.

A revolutionary system

This totally revolutionary and patented system, which recalls Halchimy’s heritage, embodies the codes of tomorrow’s luxury and, thanks to the modularity of the bracelugs, connects Halchimy to eternity.