Our history

« Everything is possible for those who dream, dare, work and never give up. »

An audacious bet

n the year of grace 2012, Halchimy is born from the exquisite fusion between the art of watchmaking and the improbable dreamlike.

Indeed, this innovative company has its roots in a chance encounter between a dazzling dream and a young computer engineer named Kevin.

Witnessing this celestial revelation, Kevin made it his credo and decided, when he woke up, to learn about watchmaking. The name “Halchimy” is inspired by the wonderful odyssey of “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho, where a Spanish shepherd goes in search of a buried treasure after also having a premonitory dream.


« I woke up one morning disturbed by a dream I had in my sleep where I saw myself with my brother Nicolas handling a very special watch, equipped with a system allowing to make it adjustable. A system that I had never seen before! » Kevin OUALLI

Halchimy - Histoire - Visuel Montre


Kevin and Nicolas become familiar with the watchmaking industry, which was still unknown to them before this famous dream.


Birth of Halchimy and conception in 3D of the first sketches.


The first technical studies around the concept are followed by the creation of prototypes in 3D printing. In late 2015, the patent for the interchangeable horn system was filed.

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The project is slow to materialize. An in-depth reflection of the concept is necessary.

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Halchimy - Histoire - Couple


An unexpected business trip will take Halchimy to a whole new level.


The events follow one another. The first prototypes see the light of day and are presented for the first time at the world’s largest watchmaking exhibition: Baselworld.

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Production and marketing of the first Audace watch collection is launched at the corner of Rue de la Paix and Place Vendôme.

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« Nothing predestined me to go into watchmaking one day. Nothing but my dream, so real that it has become my life project.

I always wanted to be creative and have more freedom. Perhaps the dream I had was the key. » – Kevin OUALLI

A family history

Kevin Oualli

In the prestigious world of watchmaking, no one could be mistaken for Kevin Oualli. Indeed, this multi-faceted entrepreneur distinguishes himself by his passion for aesthetics, his taste for challenges and his propensity to dive headlong into the unknown. Driven by an unquenchable inner flame, he devotes himself body and soul to the realization of his dream, thus offering a demonstration of tenacity and determination without equal.

« The dream I had in my sleep has finally become reality and is now a patented technological innovation, unique in the world! »

Nicolas Oualli

Nicolas Oualli shares the same dream as his brother, but he opts for a more thoughtful approach by taking the time to observe and step back in order to better understand the project’s challenges. This subtle alchemy is undoubtedly not unrelated to the meteoric growth of the project, which has been propelled to unsuspected heights.

« Kevin finally convinced me to go with him in his adventure, to make his dream come true at any cost. He is my brother and even if I had doubts, I had no other choice than to support him and surround him as best I could, in order to carry out his crazy project! »