Join the family of Modern Halchimystes They have all decided to be actors in the transformation of tomorrow’s world.

A family created by Halchimystes, for Halchimystes in search of inspiration, new meetings, business opportunities…

We have therefore imagined a 100% phygital experience, where the best of the physical world and the digital world merge to immerse you in an immersive universe.

An experience where time becomes a moment of relaxation, where ideas become projects, where dreams become reality.


Our will? May you always be in Halchimy with your time. To achieve this, the Halchimystes Club is based on four pillars.



Convinced that innovation will transform the world, Maison Halchimy pays special attention to it. From this innovation was born our first collection “Audace”. Several years of research and development went into the making of Halchimy. We have created a watch from scratch with an innovative, patented and durable system that pushes the boundaries of watchmaking with its modular lugs and strap. It thus symbolizes the time of change.


Collective intelligence

Much more than a watch, Halchimy is also the sign of belonging to an ambitious, supportive and responsible community. It is driven by strong values oriented towards sharing, benevolence and the audacity to undertake actions that benefit the greatest number. Maison Halchimy, member of the French delegation of the G20 of young entrepreneurs, has succeeded in creating synergies with leaders from all horizons and all sectors of activity who will share their experiences with you during our events.



We know that the quality of an experience, a product or a service is reflected in the care given to the smallest details, which is why we have created Halchimystes Club in the image of excellence, the one that best represents you. The Halchimy watch is just an extension of this. It will enhance your wrist and tell you every day that it is time to become the best version of yourself.


The art of living

« To go out and conquer the unknown is to take the risk of experiencing your most beautiful meetings. » – Kevin OUALLI

That’s why it is essential to explore the world, to adopt a new lifestyle, to discover new cultures… This is the essence of the Halchimystes Club. As you can see, this is an adventure that is above all personal, a trip off the beaten track. It means getting out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to open the field of possibilities.