Halchimystes Club


As a Member, you benefit from exclusive advantages.
To thank you for your loyalty, your benefits evolve according to your status.


Personalized and evolving offers created especially for you according to your status as a Halchimyste.


Our premium services are available to you throughout your Halchimy experience


We have imagined unique experiences, constantly renewed, to live and share with your loved ones


Depending on your status as a Halchimyste, your benefits change.

We have created an exclusive loyalty program that allows you to earn points in several ways, represented at Halchimy by Hourglasses.

By subscribing to the Club des Halchimystes, you earn Hourglasses which are automatically credited every month on your digital passport according to the amount of your subscription (1 Hourglass = 10€).


The amount of the package is transformed into Hourglass and is credited to your customer account (10 € = 1 Hourglass)

97€ / month
149€ / month
129€ / month


Each month, the amount of the package (depending on your subscription) is deducted from your bank account and transformed into hourglasses of an equivalent amount (1 hourglass = 10 euros).

You can then use these Hourglasses to buy the Halchimy products of your choice or accumulate them to increase your Halchimy status within the club and benefit from additional advantages.

These Hourglasses can be used whenever you want. They are cumulative and available up to 2 years after deposit on your customer account.

Yes, Hourglasses are cumulative and you can use them whenever you want.

You do not have to use your Hourglasses every month. Also, you can use your Hourglasses partially, and the remaining amount will be carried over automatically.

In addition, the Hourglasses are valid and usable within two (2) years following the deposit on your customer account. Beyond that, any unused Hourglass will be permanently lost and will not give rise to any refund or consideration in any form whatsoever.

Attention: the Hourglasses of your customer account will be first and foremost and obligatorily imputed of your orders to pay them.

You can cancel your subscription free of charge during the cancellation period, which lasts 14 days from the date of subscription.

Beyond this period, to cancel your subscription, we invite you to contact Halchimy at 01 72 61 16 08 (free calls and services) or to send us a simple email to cancel.

You benefit from free 48-hour delivery for the duration of your contract. Offer valid in metropolitan France, for any purchase of at least 1 watch from the Audace or Intuition 2012 collection and at least 1 bracelug made on Halchimy.com or by phone at 01 72 61 16 08 (free calls and services).