Let’s stay focus on our goals!

Between curfew and confinement, our habits have not changed!

The modern Halchimystes that we are, remain focused on their objectives and continue to work relentlessly to bring value to the greatest number.

This is why we are happy to announce the arrival of the Halchimystes Club, founded around 4 pillars:

  • Innovation
  • Collective intelligence
  • Excellence
  • The art of living

The terms of membership will be communicated to you very soon.

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Be in Halchimy with your time!

Discover our interchangeable bracelugs.

Adopt the look that suits you, thanks to our different choices of interchangeable bracelugs, in leather or rubber.

halchimy montre lune blanche bracelug rubber noir

Be a modern Halchimyste!

Persevering, the modern Halchimist is not limited by his environment because he never loses sight of his goal. No matter where he is, he adapts

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