In search of our muse

Who will be the face of the new Halchimy Collection?

Deconfinement is approaching and a new chapter is opening.

At the launch of our first collection, personalities such as Jacob Desvarieux, Frank Leboeuf and Gregory Cohen joined our brand to embody its strong values.

On the occasion of the release of our new collection, we would like to involve you in the search for our muse.

Do you agree?

So, which inspiring personality from the Y generation seems to you to embody the values dear to Halchimy? Faith, Perseverance, Family, Determination and Audacity

Because we value your opinion, we would be delighted to receive your suggestions.

Be in Halchimy with your time!

Join Kevin OUALLI in episode #65 of the KALIMANJARO podcast

“Federating those who aspire to transform their lives or”

Launched by the solidarity and business network Blacknetwork, the Podcast: KALIMANJARO is “The Podcast for the Ambitious”, find the passage of the founder of HALCHIMY House Kevin Oualli in episode #65.

halchimy montre lune blanche bracelug rubber noir

Be a modern Halchimyste!

Persevering, the modern Halchimist is not limited by his environment because he never loses sight of his goal. No matter where he is, he adapts

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