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They have managed to turn their lives into gold by following their dreams.

When Rum and Watchmaking meet...

It is the association of two worlds made possible by their common passion for performance, precision, innovation and excellence.
It demonstrates the skills of a whole country by mixing know-how and tradition.

The mastery of time gives Bologne rum a unique character, making each sip of this elixir singular.

When watchmaking and the automobile meet, magic happens!

This is how a partnership was born between Maison Halchimy and the car brand CUPRA (Guadeloupe).

« This partnership seemed obvious to us. Indeed, watchmaking and the automobile have been associated for a long time and share similar values that touch a public sensitive to beautiful mechanics. »

Two stories, one meeting!

To give birth to a new car brand nowadays is a challenge that the manufacturer has taken up.
Previously, CUPRA was equated with the sportier versions of SEAT. However, since 2018 CUPRA has taken off to become a brand in its own right.
Today, the brand’s models can be found on the podiums of the world’s greatest automobile prizes!

The common history of CUPRA and HALCHIMY was therefore born in innovation and performance.

Rodolphe Sepho

After more than 20 years of sailing on the most beautiful waters, three solo Atlantic crossings including two Route du Rhum, Rodolphe, skipper and navigator specialising in ocean racing, is back with even more passion, ambition and determination.

On 7 November 2022 he set off on the Imoca Transat Jacques Vabre with Arnaud Boissieres. He will be at the start of the 2022 Route du Rhum, and will then line up for the Vendée Globe in 2024.

« I want to go further in my projects and above all, contribute to the building of Guadeloupean society, by helping the youth of my island »

« The sea is our heritage! We have a common history linked to the oceans, to long crossings on boats. We had to go back to the surface »

Watchmaking has been linked to navigation for centuries.
It’s a winning combination! These disciplines combine extreme performance, advanced technology and innovation.


Frank has always dreamed of being a professional soccer player. His dream came true in 1988 after passing through moments of doubt and uncertainty.

« Everything that is negative must be made positive in order to make it better, and I think it is important, in everything we undertake, to think that we are capable of doing it »

10 years later, he won the 98 World Cup with the French team.

« So when you embrace a career, no matter what it is, as long as you’ve decided to go for it, go for it! You might have a chance to succeed »

Today, he is a father, a company manager, an actor and a consultant. His background and personality have inspired HALCHIMY to make him its Ambassador.

He is a HALCHIMYSTE who has managed to turn his life into Gold by following his dream.

« What appeals to me is the name, but when I look at the watch and I see what you have been able to do, it’s genius because I don’t even understand how it’s possible to make the hands turn, it’s amazing to me! »


He left us on July 30, 2021

Jacob Desvarieux has been immersed in the musical world since your childhood. His mother gave him his first guitar at the age of 10.

« Playing the guitar starts out as fun and then it can turn into a way to make a living doing something you love. »

He grew up in a multicultural environment, between Paris, Guadeloupe, but also Martinique and Senegal.

« As life goes on, we realize that with a little persistence, a little willpower and a little motivation, we can do something extraordinary »

He co-founded the group Kassav in 1979, which quickly spread internationally. Kassav is the first French group to fill the Stade de France in 2009. Jacob Desvarieux manages to turn your life into gold with Kassav. He was a singer, musician, arranger and producer.

« There was the will to succeed, the will to do something with your life and then to tackle things that other people haven’t thought of before, to create something that didn’t exist before, to find an idea. »


After an international career in advertising, Gregory Cohen became a TV producer and director. His passion and love for cooking quickly caught up with him

« I think that you don’t have just one life, you have lives and above all you have desires. And these desires lead you and guide you through your dreams. »

After a rich life overseas, it was at the age of 40 that Gregory decided to return to the kitchen. He starts to share his recipes and his favorites on his blog and will quickly become a reference in the culinary blogosphere.

« You have to be curious, you have to go and look, you have to discover. You have to discover people, cultures, jobs, colors, everything! »

He launched the Chef et solidaire12 initiative, a collective of chefs in partnership with Enodis13 who, with their partners, deliver meals to parents of hospitalized children as well as to hospital caregivers.

« I think we are all in some way halchimystes in our own lives. It is his action that will radiate to others and turn his moments into gold. »